Until Dawn – A Game Review


So, I know it’s not strictly a film but I will be doing game reviews to.

Today’s; Until Dawn

I was sceptical over this game, however, it was a pleasant surprise.

It starts of with Hannah Washington being the end of a cruel prank. She runs out if the family lodge and her twin sister Beth runs after her. However they run straight into a snow storm and unfortunately fall to their untimely death.

The twins brother Josh invites all the friends back to the lodge on the anniversary of the twins death. 

This is where you fully meet; Emily, Chris, Jess, Matt, Mike, Sam and Ashley.

Throughout the game you play as each individual character, making their choices and essentially choosing their fate. Their character traits and relationship status with each character.changes as the game goes on.

The game has interesting twists and turns along with interesting development. The game; in my mind, should have fully concentrated on the mental decline of Josh. Who you will realise as you play is becoming more and more unhinged from reality. 

Now Josh brought them all back to teach everyone a lesson of being the butt of a cruel joke. However not everything plans out the way he wants.

Obviously the game changes depending upon your choices and decisions. The main parts stay the same. Such as finding the stranger and the Wendigo’s. 

Depending on your decisions leaves you with the survivors and those who die. 

Now the game robotics are pretty naff and aren’t very responsive. But the game is so immersive that it is not a problem. 

I would honestly recommend this game to those who liked Heavy Rain and beginners to gaming. 

Rating – 7/10