Hacked РA Review 


Okay…Well…this was genuinely a pile of shit….I couldn’t watch the entire thing,I got halfway through before I had to turn it off.

The whole thing is basically a woman’s obsession with something called “the Den”. Which in a sense is Omegel. 

Now, granted it is her job and she is doing a study on it, but she isolated herself from her family, friends and boyfriend. 

Obviously the boyfriend is sick of it and their relationship does pay a price. 

What really sets things of is the hacker posting them having sex to her boss, I generally feel that is the only true remorse in the film.

Bad,bad horror

Rating – 2/10


Doctor Strange – A Review


As a Marvel fan, I get excited about any new film they make. Up to now there haven’t really been any major let downs…until now.

Doctor Strange…what can I say. It lives up to its name; strange. The plot is pretty simple, a Doctor is in an accident and loses the ability to use his hands and goes on an adventure to try and get the use of his hands back. With me so far?

Okay, so he comes across some people who follow and ancient magical culture. The Ancient One, the leader, shows Doctor Strange how small minded in regards to the world he is.

Once he has his realisation he asks her to teach him; to which she refuses and kicks him out. However, within minutes he’s dragged back in and taught everything he needs to know.

It goes through his training process and shows his determination and his failures. There is however another plot, that of the Villain, Kaecilius. Who is furious with The Ancient One for failing him during his training. He sets out to kill The Ancient One and succeeds; which drives Doctor Strange into a frenzy.

There is a lot of fight scenes within the film but none really make much sense. The plot makes you feel as if you are on acid for most of it when it jumps between realities.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s role is well played and well designed, however the execution when filming, not so great. I feel that this is down to the script writers and not Benedict’s skill.

To be honest, I understood the hype of this film, but in reality after watching it, I felt that I had been let down by the Marvel Studios and honestly, I never want to watch this film again.

In my opinion I would list it as one of the least favourite Marvel films I have witnessed.

Rating – Overall – 5/10

Vic X.